Baby, Pull Over, I See Dinner!

I have three nephews (and a yet to-be-determined fourth on the way, cross your fingers for a niece) so I know all about those weird pregnancy cravings. My sisters definitely had a few: the classic pickles urge, hot sauce, Fritos and cream cheese, anything but fruit, and Fluff come to mind. On the other end of the spectrum is Alison Brierley. The taxidermist mom-to-be has developed a strong craving for gamey meat—aka ROADKILL.

What she once used to make jewelry, she now uses for dinner. Hey, at least she’s justifying it, right? “I don’t have to feel guilty about eating it because I know its had a completely free range and natural life.” She’s dined on deer, owl, hare and pigeons and would just loooove to try fox and badger but claims they’re never in good enough condition to eat. Ummm, is roadkill ever in good enough condition to eat?!  Sorry, but I’ll take my meat without tire marks running through it.

Posted by Aimée

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