Controversial Haircut Trend Sweeping the Nation

There’s a haircut trend that’s been receiving press attention in the style sections of various reputable publications of late, including The New York TimesHuffington PostNew York Magazine and blogs like Gawker and Jezebel. The title of the article in the style section of The Times reads “A Haircut Returns From the 1930’s,” which led me to question if the “S wave” would be making a return (one can dream!). Unfortunately (for a number of reasons), the hairstyle folks are asking for is the “Hitler Youth.” You’re kidding me, right? How could anyone be ok with a trend sweeping our nation that refers to the most infamous dictator of all time?!

Although I can see why guys would like the haircut (essentially it’s just shaved sides and a longer top, combed over and slicked back) and it’s been consistently in vogue in variations around the globe, what I can’t believe is that people have the audacity to go into a barber shop and state “Give me the Hitler Youth today, please.” The Times gives alternate suggestions to refer to the style including a “modified McSqueeb, a J. Edgar Hoover or maybe a Jimmy Darmody, after the character in Boardwalk Empire.” Are you as bothered by the use of this haircut terminology as I am? If it’s the Hitler Youth today, does that mean tomorrow’s new style will be the Gaddafi Fade? Or the Saddam Bob? Say it ain’t so, hairstylists and tastemakers of the world!

Posted by Karen

One response to “Controversial Haircut Trend Sweeping the Nation

  1. Geez don’t be so god damned sensitive.

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