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Keepin’ It Real With Jessie James Decker

Now I love Chrissy Teigen just as much as the next girl. No, really, I’m obsessed with her. But new(ish) to the snarky social media scene is my latest obsession: Jessie James Decker.

You may know her from her E! reality show Eric & Jessie, her country music jams, or as the designer behind these super cute bathing suits. But I insist, just because she’s a celebrity, doesn’t mean she’s not a real person! And her social media game goes to prove it…
Here she is voluntarily eating a croissant (celebrities eat carbs?!) with the most unflattering angle. But she DGAF.

She even lets us in on her medical history, with #nofilter and #nomakeup.

She knows the proper way to show love and affection, not to mention her hunky NFL husband. (Tom Brady’s got some competition, sorry.)

There’s no shame in her game while grocery shopping in her PJs. And isn’t shy about posting her cute baby Vivi!

All images source  Instagram

The only indication that she might not truly be a real person is because who is #blessed with a family that is *this* good looking?

Unfortunately there’s no plans for a new season of her reality show, but truly her Instagram is as real as it gets.

Posted by Carli

Cat Country, or, Calling it Now, YouTuber Beth Ann Will One Day Get Brutally Mauled.

Image source

While it’s safe to say people have done stupid things from the beginning of time, it is also safe to say that the advent of social media has made those stupid things way more fun for the rest of us. (I mean, think about it, if a stiletto clad drunk chick face plants on a Jersey Shore boardwalk and no one’s there to Vine it…does it really happen?) Since I live in a city, one of my favorite types of stranger idiocy is of the stranger + wild animal variety. People who live in the woods/’burbs near the woods need to make their own entertainment, and I’ll be damned if they don’t do a good job. #Props to all my country folk.

Behold, for example, the lovely Beth Ann Colebourne. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Beth Ann is a fairly inactive You Tube user (she had 3 vids) who encountered a beautiful wild lynx outside of her local nail salon. Her next move? Call to it, “here, kitty kitty” style, as though it were her beloved pet. After that, she uploads the vid, brands it with the click bait title “CRAZY GIRL FOLLOWS WILD LYNX,” and voila, 21,457 views and counting.

The video, which you can check out below, has been written up everywhere from her local papers to Mashable, and now, (Hey Beth Ann, this is how far you’ve made it!).

Further, she has since uploaded a new video called “I CHASE A BEAR FROM KIDS CROSSWALK.”

Okay, so three things:
1. Let’s reflect on the use of the phrase “wild lynx.” Wild. Lynx. Is there any other kind? Have they been domesticated and no one told us? Can I get one at the MSPCA? Is the real joke on all of us.
2. Do they have crosswalks just for kids in Canada? Are adults not allowed? Canada, why you so crazy?!?!
3. Stay safe out there, Beth Ann.

Posted by Erin K

What Do You Mean I Don’t Look Like That?!

You know how it goes, it’s Saturday night and you roll into the club with your girls thinking you’re hot sh*t and YOUR SONG IS ON!!! So immediately you all break into your best Beyonce impression and assume that the stares you’re getting have to do with your mad skills (it’s usually not until the next morning when a rogue video surfaces that you realize how misguided that thinking was). Knowing how many times I’ve incorrectly thought I was rocking Bey’s dance moves, I was shocked when a recent video surfaced of a little girl that will likely never have to question why people are watching her dance (spoiler alert, it’s ‘cause she’s awesome). Meet Heaven, aka the next Beyonce.

This four-year-old recently broke it down like nobody’s business with her mom on the Ellen Show, perfectly recreating the choreography from Beyonce’s “7/11” music video.  Take a look…

Feeling pretty bad about your own Beyonce impression right about now, aren’t you? So next time you’re breaking it down with your girls, take a breather and ask yourself “am I really looking as fine as I think?” because chances are the answer to that question is probably no (unless you’re four-years-old and named Heaven).

Posted by Gillian

The Emoji Gets a New Look — Yours

There’s a new emoticon app and I.Am.Obsessed. If you thought that emoji had all of your emotions and reactions covered, you are mistaken. Introducing Bitmoji. The app that lets you create an emoji that looks like you. That’s right, I’ll say it again—YOU are the emoji. So long are the days where you needed a monkey to accurately represent a *face palm* moment! With options like face shape, skin color, freckles and more, Bitmoji has truly covered all bases of personalization. Beyond that, the content is just too relatable not to love. I have reason to believe that this app truly gets me and here are some reasons why:

It covers the basics:
t1 t2

It’s sassy:
t3 t4

It understands my love and dating life:

t5 t6

It accurately portrays anger and frustration:


It gets that sometimes we just want to have a good time:


It’s incredibly culturally relevant:
t11 t12 t14 t15

And last but certainly not least, it understands my love for food:
t16 t17 t18
All images source

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Tragedy Hits Millions

From a very young age, I learned what it meant to be head over heels in love. To be so smitten that you start planning your wedding and future life. How, you ask, did my six year old self know this type of love? Girllll, I was a child of the 90’s boy band revolution and I had my heart set on Justin Timberlake. And Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and JC Chasez. I didn’t bother with Chris Kirkpatrick though, because his pineapple head braids freaked me out (and rightfully so!).

Image source Buzzfeed

This experience of love is exactly why I’ve always had a soft spot for One Direction. Besides their songs being catchy as hell (and pretty cute), I see my younger cousins and friends’ little sisters go nuts for those fellas and I get it! I understand what it’s like to be hopelessly devoted to the members of a boy band. That’s why when I heard the news that Zayn Malik quit 1D, I felt the devastation of millions.

However, I also find enjoyment in laughing at the personal misfortune of tweens, so seeing the Internet buzz with their dramatic reactions was pure gold. Even better was seeing Mayor Marty Walsh express his sympathies while doing a Twitter chat around the same time that Zayn made his announcement:
Image source Twitter

So in the words of our fearless leader, it’s time to solider on. May Zayn’s memory (and man bun) live eternally.

Image source Tumblr

Posted by Tracy

Proposal Idea? You Can Pay For That.

Image source

It’s not news that ever since the invention of a little thing called YouTube, Facebook, Vine, etc., that oversharing has become the norm – especially when it comes to big life events, like proposals. I can’t count on my fingers and toes the number of proposal videos I have seen go viral in just the last few months. I get it, love is cute.

So with the pressure to have the biggest, baddest, most shared proposal in all the land, companies have sprouted up who will take, well, all of the effort out of the stressful proposal-planning process. Some offer just the creative idea (personalized to the couple, of course) for $300-500. Prices go up quite a bit for the planning and execution (one woman claims to have clients spend up to $50,000)! Some companies have pre-planned packages based on your locale (picnic on Boston Common for $590, Napa Valley wine tasting tour for $3,300, for example).

Kudos to these companies for satisfying a demand, but I just can’t fully support this. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but someday, when some crazy man decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, I want HIM to decide how he proposes. I don’t want to find out that a few chicks trolling Pinterest curated one of the biggest moments of my life. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy and dramatic; it just has to come from the heart…not the wallet.

Posted by Erin D

Smile You’re on Camera

Truth be told, I’ve never stolen anything in my life. Not a boyfriend from another girl, not a single piece of candy, term paper, tube of lip gloss, test answers or anything else that kids are stealing these days. So when I hear stories of people who steal others’ identities as a way of life I have to wonder – where’s the justice? Does karma ever catch up with these people or do they just lollygag through life as someone else until the credit cards are maxed out and it’s time to pick a new name? For many this is probably the case, if they keep their spending low enough and random enough. But for one of these thieves, things panned out a little differently.

As the story goes, in 2011 a photographer named Jessamyn Lovell had her wallet stolen from SF Camerawork a San Francisco gallery. As the unaccounted  charges started rolling in, Jessamyn decided to depart the typical path of someone in her shoes and, with the help of a private investigator, tracked down Erin Coleen Hart, the woman who had stolen her identity. What started out as a plot to confront the thief turned into a creative opportunity for Jessamyn. Rather than confront Erin, Jessamyn followed her and documented her daily routine through a series of photographs.

r1 r2 r3 r4 r5
Images source

These photographs, along with others, were used in Jessamyn’s exhibition titled “Dear Erin Hart” which was displayed at SF Camerawork September 3 – October 18, 2014. Moral of the story, while not everyone ‘gets theirs’ so to speak, this story has cemented me in my ways and has made sure my streak of never stealing will continue for years to come. And for those who aren’t similarly deterred, don’t forget to smile – you never know when you could be on camera.

Posted by Gillian