What Do You Mean I Don’t Look Like That?!

You know how it goes, it’s Saturday night and you roll into the club with your girls thinking you’re hot sh*t and YOUR SONG IS ON!!! So immediately you all break into your best Beyonce impression and assume that the stares you’re getting have to do with your mad skills (it’s usually not until the next morning when a rogue video surfaces that you realize how misguided that thinking was). Knowing how many times I’ve incorrectly thought I was rocking Bey’s dance moves, I was shocked when a recent video surfaced of a little girl that will likely never have to question why people are watching her dance (spoiler alert, it’s ‘cause she’s awesome). Meet Heaven, aka the next Beyonce.

This four-year-old recently broke it down like nobody’s business with her mom on the Ellen Show, perfectly recreating the choreography from Beyonce’s “7/11” music video.  Take a look…

Feeling pretty bad about your own Beyonce impression right about now, aren’t you? So next time you’re breaking it down with your girls, take a breather and ask yourself “am I really looking as fine as I think?” because chances are the answer to that question is probably no (unless you’re four-years-old and named Heaven).

Posted by Gillian

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