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The Emoji Gets a New Look — Yours

There’s a new emoticon app and I.Am.Obsessed. If you thought that emoji had all of your emotions and reactions covered, you are mistaken. Introducing Bitmoji. The app that lets you create an emoji that looks like you. That’s right, I’ll say it again—YOU are the emoji. So long are the days where you needed a monkey to accurately represent a *face palm* moment! With options like face shape, skin color, freckles and more, Bitmoji has truly covered all bases of personalization. Beyond that, the content is just too relatable not to love. I have reason to believe that this app truly gets me and here are some reasons why:

It covers the basics:
t1 t2

It’s sassy:
t3 t4

It understands my love and dating life:

t5 t6

It accurately portrays anger and frustration:


It gets that sometimes we just want to have a good time:


It’s incredibly culturally relevant:
t11 t12 t14 t15

And last but certainly not least, it understands my love for food:
t16 t17 t18
All images source bitmoji.com

Posted by Colleen