How to Be an Asshole

I like to fancy myself somewhat of a clever gal, although sometimes—and it’s happened to everyone—I find myself at a loss when I need a really great comeback.

With so many jerks out there, it helps to be thoroughly prepared should the need arise to properly kick a bitch to the curb after insulting the shoes you have on or a douchebag bro knocks your drink over while trying to impress a bevy of blondes at the bar with his [insert lame bar trick here].

Well, The Quotable A**hole has your back. Not only does this read feature over 1,200 “bitter barbs, cutting comments, and caustic comebacks,” but a large number of them come from impressive wordsmiths Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, and—who woulda thought—Ghandi. Hey, no one ever said you couldn’t be a peacekeeper and an asshole.

Posted by Haley

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