Diary of a Trendsetter

Although it may seem trivial, a not insubstantial amount of controversy exists over a particular article of clothing with which I—more often than not—generally choose not to associate.

Ladies and gentlemen…the turtleneck. Ewwwww…

While I am sure there must be some attractive looking versions of turtlenecks out there, people tend to either hate them or love them. And when it comes to the mock turtleneck, there is one man in particular who comes to mind.  iAm (sorry, had to), of course, referring to Steve Jobs.

Plug his name into any search engine and there is not one image of him without his mock ‘neck uniform.  (Although this is quite a handsome look; Never underestimate the value of accessories!)  Anyway, it’s clear that Jobs’ signature look is the reason for an unprecedented boost in turtleneck sales for clothing brand St. Croix following his death. In fact, after an “almost 100% increase in sales,” the company is now completely out of stock until early November. At first glance this story may seem a bit comical, but as a tribute to the late Apple CEO, St. Croix is donating $20 to the fight against cancer for every black mock turtleneck purchased.

And if you’re not sure you can pull off this fabulous ensemble? Not to worry…of course there’s an app for that!

Posted by Basia

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