Who Says You Can’t Have Fun With Your Food?

It’s a Monday night and you’re at home, cookin’ up some dinner. You look down at your cutting board and think, “Meh. If only my cutting board were more exciting…Then I would be so much more eager to cook up deliciously nutritious dinners!”

Well my dear m.blog readers, your thoughts have been heard and your dinners are about to get a whole lot better. If your Etsy addiction wasn’t bad enough already, you now have even more reasons to shop! Designer Dave Stencil (do we think that’s his real name?), the man behind CuttingBoredom, has created a full catalogue of witty film and music inspired cutting boards that are sure to brighten up even the most unused of kitchens. All of his creations are handmade to order with the finest of walnut and maple wood and – more importantly – are sure to make you crack a smile when thoughts of making dinner are on the backburner. His custom categories include movie/music parodies, personalized engravings and more. While I fully encourage you to spend copious amounts of time scrolling through all of his impressive designs (*Cough. Non-work time, of course), I’ve included a peek at some of my personal favorites. Let’s play a game of guess that film, shall we?

Because at one point or another, the 6-fingered man haunted all of our dreams.w1
Sometimes the perfect dinner requires a little bit of magic.w2
Don’t be afraid to flaunt your belly shirt while you cook on this one.w3
Purchasing this cutting board is one decision that you won’t immediately regret.w3
Do you know what they call a cheeseburger in France?w4
Images source Etsy.com

Ready, set, shop! Or should I say – chop! Your dinner guests will surely thank you.

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The Love for Chrissy Teigen Continues

Let’s face it, celebrity reality TV shows generally suck. Dancing with the Stars is so 2007, Celebrity Apprentice was never interesting to begin with, and what even is Celebrity Big Brother?! Altogether, that segment of television remains lame… until now.

Introducing the newest celebrity reality TV show—Lip Sync Battle. Ever caught Jimmy Fallon’s “lip sync” Tonight Show segment? Yeah, well this is bound to be that on CRACK seeing as it is hosted by LL Cool J and the beloved queen of social media, Chrissy Teigen.

If you’ve been following her Instagram account, you’ve known that they’ve been in production for a few months, as she’s documented her uh… journey.

At first, things seemed to start off well…
Image source Instagram

Then it got a little dangerous…
Image source Instagram

Well that escalated quickly…
Image source Instagram

Chrissy then became a Belieber… (not gonna lie I jumped on the Belieber train after watching “Never Say Never”)
Image source Instagram

Then she reminded us that she’s a regular human, just like us…
Image source Instagram

The show is set to be a hit, featuring big stars such as Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Dwayne Johnson, J Lo, Jimmy Fallon and more. It airs April 2nd on Spike TV and I sure as HELL will be watching!

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5 Reasons Empire is Worth Your Time

You must’ve heard the buzz by now…FOX’s new show Empire that just wrapped Season 1 is all the rage. At first I wasn’t interested…sure I got in to New Girl for a hot second, but we all know ABC series are where it’s at. However, after intolerable begging from my mother to give the show a chance, I conceded. And oh em gee am I glad I did. Here are just a few reasons you need to binge-watch this show immediately:

1. The All-Star Cast
The gang’s all here! Hello Cuba Gooding Jr., Jennifer Hudson, Raven Symone, and the chick who played Precious back in the day. The acting in this show is FIRE…and every time a new character gets introduced, the reaction is always “they’re in this too?!”
Image source Fox.com

2. Naomi Campbell plays a Mrs. Robinson
I mean, this sub-plot is just too good (read: amazingly awkward) not to love. The older woman that seduces the naive, immature favorite son in the family. I think he’s supposed to be 21 at the most? Gotta hand it to her though, Naomi is still hot as ever at age 44.
m2 m3
Image source hip-hopvibe.com

3. The ridiculously crazy (but I kinda love it) style you’ll see on Cookie
There are no words; just see below. SPOILER ALERT: She loves fur and animal print.
m4 m5 m6 m7
Image source NYdailynews.com

4. It Gets Real
While at its core Empire is basically a soap opera infused with hip hop and R&B performances, it touches on a lot of heavy, relevant issues in today’s society. Mental illness, homophobia, racism, the drug game…definitely earns my respect for highlighting things in a serious way without making you feel like you’re watching NBC’s Breaking News.
Image source trashtalktv.com

5. The Music
Image source mtv.com

So good. Like, you should record an album IRL good. Luckily, while we’re waiting for that to drop, we have all of these gems from season 1 to hold us over.

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This Takes “Blind Dating” To A New Level

Image source The Telegraph

As m.blog’s resident dating expert, I feel it is my duty to inform you all of the newest trends, apps and chatter in the dating world. That is why today, I present to you: paper bag dating (which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like).

Paper bag dating is sort of like speed dating, except people wear paper bags over their heads, which they decorate kindergarten craft time-style along with a fun fact about themselves. Daters move from one prospective match to the next, recording their “likes” and “passes” on the form. If the “like” is mutual, the company will intro you via email. After all dates meet, the bags come off and the awkward mingling begins.

This form of dating comes from Loveflutter, a dating app that claims to be the “anti-Tinder.” Instead of swiping through photos (and on some apps, then reading the profile), Loveflutter matches you based on a Twitter-style (140 character) “quirky fact” about yourself.

While personality (and quirks) are a big part of being attracted to someone, ultimately, appearance is going to matter. If there isn’t at least some physical attraction (which of course can be elevated by a person’s personality), it’s just not going to work out. So while I admire Loveflutter’s attempt to reduce superficiality, I can’t see this being an effective way to meet someone (for me, anyway). I am all about facial cues. And who doesn’t like to look into someone’s eyes when they have a conversation for the first time? Plus, I’m not sure how well my childlike artistic skills could convey my spectacular personality. Just sayin’.

Until next time, m.blog.

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America’s Bros Need Our Help

Image source Youtube

If you went to college – hell, if you’ve ever been to New Jersey – you’ve definitely met a bro. They aren’t a subtle breed by any means. They are the sole reason that Axe Body Spray still exists and are often slathered in copious amounts of self-tanner. You can usually spot them getting “swoll” at the gym or talking macros and reps with anyone who will listen. But, this is why we love them.

Sadly, America’s bros are in danger says Organic Valley, a cooperative of 1,800 organic family farms across the country. That’s why they’ve launched a #SaveTheBros campaign, to help rescue the endangered species of male that we all love to hate (or, sometimes hate to admit that we secretly love. Shout out to my boy Pauly D!!). Organic Valley’s platform is simple – bros survive on protein shakes and most of these shakes are packed with chemicals and artificial additives that could be harming their otherwise cherished bodies. It’s a dangerous problem that must be stopped.

To help raise awareness for this alarming problem, Organic Valley launched an ad campaign to promote their new product – Organic Fuel, the first-ever organic milk protein shake on the market that is here to protect America’s bros – while having some fun with a few bro stereotypes. The campaign really does make you think, asking important questions like: “Without bros, who will remind us to go big or go home?” “What would happen to Las Vegas? Or the beaches of New Jersey?” and “Who’s going to make it rain?” Stop and let that last one really sink in. We need the rain.

Image source Youtube

The full video campaign definitely tugs at the heartstrings and is worth a watch so that you too can help to save a bro near you. Because let’s face it, they are innovators and an integral part of American society.

So, next time you see a bro pounding a protein drink stop and ask yourself: Without these bros, who’s going to make comments about your physique that aren’t appropriate, but still appreciated? Then maybe you’ll feel inclined to take a stand for their health.

The clubs need them. And so does America.

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Sweet Dreams Aren’t Made of This

Image source Wikimedia
Image source cdn meme

As any Buzzfeed writer worth their salt could tell you, some things from childhood are better off left there, ‘cuz when you view them with your new, less-than-rose-colored big girl glasses, you realize those innocent stories are 50 shades of sexist/racist/dirty/whatever. Need proof? See here, here and here and then thank me for setting you up with the off-color Valentine’s Day cards you’ll be using in 2016.

The listicle mafia doesn’t have the whole childhood ruining game on lock, though. The late night team, namely the fine folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live, are getting in on the game. Click below and let Liam Neeson read you a bedtime story. Its way more fun than searching for the p-unit on the cover of The Little Mermaid.

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How A Little Makeup Can Go a Long Way

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian (trust me, I’ve said some and more) but there’s no denying that the girl knows her makeup. Together with her inner circle of makeup artists, she’s revolutionized makeup application and in some ways, beauty standards, with one concept: contouring.

With just a few tools and a little practice, anyone can transform their look with the art of highlighting and contouring. While it’s safe to assume the ‘Dash clan has dipped their toes into the world of plastic surgery, a good contour can sculpt any face to mimic the most desirable facial structures—thin nose, high cheekbones and a slim jaw.

While seeing perfectly contoured faces in the magazines or on your Instagram feed can be discouraging, nothing makes me happier than seeing before and after contouring photos. Why? Because I take comfort in knowing that no one ACTUALLY looks like Kim Kardashian (does Kim even look like Kim IRL?) and most people are #blessed with dark circles under their eyes.

However, to truly understand the power of makeup, take a look at this male makeup artist who can transform himself into celebrities using a little highlight and a lot of contour.

As the contour queen herself, Kim Kardashian:
t1 t2As her little sis Kylie Jenner, who literally gets a brand new face every time she applies lip liner:
t3As Dakota Johnson, who potentially looks better here than she did as Anastasia Steele:
t4As Mrs. POTUS herself, with eyebrows on fleek (seriously still can’t believe the kids are saying that these days):
t5As Megan Fox, even despite a ratchet-looking wig:
All Images source Instagram

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a few hours of YouTube contouring tutorials to watch…

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