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Smile You’re on Camera

Truth be told, I’ve never stolen anything in my life. Not a boyfriend from another girl, not a single piece of candy, term paper, tube of lip gloss, test answers or anything else that kids are stealing these days. So when I hear stories of people who steal others’ identities as a way of life I have to wonder – where’s the justice? Does karma ever catch up with these people or do they just lollygag through life as someone else until the credit cards are maxed out and it’s time to pick a new name? For many this is probably the case, if they keep their spending low enough and random enough. But for one of these thieves, things panned out a little differently.

As the story goes, in 2011 a photographer named Jessamyn Lovell had her wallet stolen from SF Camerawork a San Francisco gallery. As the unaccounted  charges started rolling in, Jessamyn decided to depart the typical path of someone in her shoes and, with the help of a private investigator, tracked down Erin Coleen Hart, the woman who had stolen her identity. What started out as a plot to confront the thief turned into a creative opportunity for Jessamyn. Rather than confront Erin, Jessamyn followed her and documented her daily routine through a series of photographs.

r1 r2 r3 r4 r5
Images source petapixel.com

These photographs, along with others, were used in Jessamyn’s exhibition titled “Dear Erin Hart” which was displayed at SF Camerawork September 3 – October 18, 2014. Moral of the story, while not everyone ‘gets theirs’ so to speak, this story has cemented me in my ways and has made sure my streak of never stealing will continue for years to come. And for those who aren’t similarly deterred, don’t forget to smile – you never know when you could be on camera.

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Instagram’s latest upgrade has brought a boatload of exciting new features to us. For starters we’ve got five new filters (FIVE!) to use when pretending to be a really artsy photographer. As the first new filters to grace our photos since December 2012, Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua are the new kids on the block and will be displayed as the first filter options.

image002Image source Instagram.com

Instagram’s filter examples above are all well and good, but I’m a visual learner and need to compare each filter used on the same photo. For our purposes, I snapped a picture of my unsuspecting co workers which will serve as the independent variable while also giving you readers a sneak peek at our new office space.

Here’s the photo without a filter:


And now I’ll take you through the new filters, one by one. First up: Slumber:








And last, but not least, Perpetua:


You’ll also notice that with this update, each filter is now represented by a blur which I find incredibly unhelpful and am not into. However, another feature of the update makes up for this and that’s the fact that you can manage and prioritize your filters. Yep, you can now permanently get rid of “Toaster” once and for all!


So there you have it, guys, five new filters to play with! Go forth and set the Internet on fire. Christmas grams, here we come!

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Shake it Off


We all like being in the know, but sometimes, living under a rock is awesome. Prime example? Pet photographer Carli Davidson has released a new book called Shake Puppies, a sequel to last year’s wildly popular Shake. I had no idea Shake existed, which means that while longtime Davidson fans are getting one new book, I’m getting two. I imagine this is the fluffier, cuddlier version of discovering Harry Potter after all seven books were published. It’s almost gratuitous, but mostly amazing. And definitely, definitely enough to make me consider leaving the PR game for a new career as a puppy photographer.

Look – here’s a picture of me with my new colleagues! Kidding. That’s Carli Davidson herself, literally making Shake happen.


Carli, who you can follow on Instagram at @carli_davidson for even more puppy madness, recently sat down with Fast Company’s Co.Create to chat about the new book and preview a few shots. Below are a few of my favorites!

5 4 3

All images source FastCoCreate.com

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We all have those friends; you know the ones who are constantly documenting every moment of the night by snapping pics and uploading them to Instagram immediately. I, too, have been guilty of having to snap a pic of my food before I eat it at a restaurant, then sitting there and stressing out about whether to commit to “lo-fi” or “valencia” (totally different results) as my food gets cold.

While traveling the world with her boyfriend (must be nice), Nataly Zakharova had enough of his antics. She grabbed his arm and encouraged him to start seeing the world from his own two eyes instead of through a camera lens. The result, “Follow Me To”, a gorgeous series of photographs of Murad Osmann’s girlfriend leading him around the world. I can’t even begin to pick my favorite shots, but see a few masterpieces below:

#followmeto The Dead Sea in Jordan

1Image source Instagram

This needs to be on the cover of National Geographic Traveler, stat!

#followmeto Brooklyn, NY

Image source Distractify.com

Who knew the Brooklyn Bridge could be so beautiful?

#followmeto The World Cup

Image source Facebook

Alright, you guys are officially the coolest couple out there.

#followmeto Moscow

4Image source Instagram

Is this place even real?!

Curious as to what Nataly’s face looks like?

Image source HuffingtonPost.com

Yup, she is gorgeous. I secretly wished she was a butherface, but nope, this girl’s got it all; great fashion sense, gets to travel the world with her talented man, and according to a little fb stalking, is now engaged.

CaptureImage source Facebook

While I may be a jealous single gal with wanderlust and a lackluster closet, I appreciate the beauty in each of these photographs and hope to see more pictures flood my Instagram real soon. In the meantime, I just may start tugging the arms of some men with cameras…

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Girl Power

While waiting for the bus last night, a group of girls, no older than 13, strutted their stuff down Boylston Street in outfits composed of less fabric than my undergarments. While at first I tilted my head in confusion, I then began to realize how hard it must be for girls to find role models these days. In a culture bombarded by Miley Cyrus’ “I don’t give a s@*!” attitude and Victoria’s Secret models plastered on the television every two minutes, I couldn’t blame these girls for not realizing that they forgot to put pants on that morning.

Luckily a new generation is brewing (not to say that I’ve given up on the current one) and my hope is that a fresh batch of powerful women will emerge. Eunique Jones has these same aspirations and has created the campaign, “Because of Them, We Can.” While this project originated from inspiration behind Black History Month, Eunique took her campaign further and recognized strong women in history as well.

The mission of this campaign is “To educate and connect a new generation to heroes who have paved the way.” By taking pictures of young girls dressed as inspirational women in history, a beautiful message transpires that allows girls to understand that they can do more than nakedly swing on a wrecking ball for all to see.

Below are a couple of my favorite photos from the campaign, but check them all out here!



Images source Distractify.com

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2014 Goal: Biker Swag

Image source Amazon

One of my aims for this year is to purchase a real, functioning, city-appropriate bicycle that can provide both quick summertime commutes and a safe means of transportation for the 12-mile biking component of a sprint triathlon (whoever said 12 miles is a sprint is cray) in September. Based on pricing alone, the goal is way more challenging than one would think.

This week, however, I came across a thread of inspiration that could finally push me to check the bike goal off my 2014 bucket list. Brooklyn-based photographer Sam Polcer’s newly released book, New York Bike Style, showcases a collection of his photos taken from the seat of his own retro teal Lotus. His subjects are 224 stylish bicyclists from the boroughs of NYC, each sporting a signature, super cool look while reducing the city’s carbon footprint one pedal push at a time. Super cool is an understatement.

Seriously, how freakin’ cool are these gals?


3Image source Amazon

Thanks, Sam! I’m one step closer to my purchase based solely on my yearning to be one of these chic cyclists.

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Winter Sucks; Snowflakes Are Amazing

Winter in New England can kind of suck. You expect it to look like this:

Image source I.Imgur.com

But, at least this year, it’s been more like this:

Image source Beckermanphoto.com

It’s hard to see the beauty in that. We want just enough winter to appreciate the summer. We want that feeling of being toasty inside while it blizzards outside. We want to walk outside on a nippy night while a slight dusting of snow falls. What we don’t want is the reality of it: winter is not a winter wonderland; it’s Christmas and New Years and then months of suck.

Well, next time you’re feeling all miserable from the cold, check out the beauty of winter closely from afar with these amazing pictures of individual snowflakes (THEY REALLY ARE ALL UNIQUE!!!) and it doesn’t seem so bad:

Image source Flickr

Image source Flickr

jImage source Flickr

Image source Flickr

Also, what they hell? How did this happen?

Image source Flickr

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