A Shot of Pickle Juice a Day Keeps the Hangover Away…Eww!

Pickle JuiceAt one time or another, we’ve all had one too many. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time…it’s the next morning — when we can barely lift our heads off the pillow because they feel like they’re being pounded incessantly by little people with hammers — that we vow to never drink again. But we all know we will. Recently, I came across an interesting “cure” for hangover hell: pickle juice.  Apparently full of natural antioxidants, healing salts and minerals, it’s been used for centuries for its medicinal properties.  So give it a try before your next night out and let me know how it works!

Instructions on preparing the pickle shot:

1. Before you begin drinking, fill a shot glass with dill pickle juice.
2. Choose the proper “chaser” to this pickle concoction. The chaser should be something to drink immediately after to rid your mouth of the cure’s nasty taste.
Chaser Recommendations: warm water, ice water, OJ, or whatever you prefer.
3. Have two aspirin lined up, pickle juice shot ready, and your chaser.
4. In a quick and precise manner, place the two aspirin in your mouth, and swallow them with the pickle shot followed by the chaser.

This pickle shot is recommended before you consume your first beverage in order to prevent the onset of a hangover the next morning. Should you not have access to pickle juice prior to drinking, then first thing in the AM go to the grocery store, purchase, and follow the same instructions as above.

Posted by Jillian

8 responses to “A Shot of Pickle Juice a Day Keeps the Hangover Away…Eww!

  1. I tried this Saturday night. I happen to live pickle juice so I was excited to finally have a “legitimate” reason to drink it and admit it openly in public. Let’s just say, I felt fantastic on Sunday. It felt like I spent Saturday night drinking wheatgrass and doing yoga…not drinking champagne and dancing. This remedy has a permanent place in my weekend regimen.

  2. Yeah, I actually like the taste of pickle juice anyway, but I have noticed it’s a good hangover remedy. Apparently the main cause of a hangover is dehydration. Pickle juice, which has a lot of salt in it, will help you regain some of the water you lose from a night out drinking. Just do a shot or two of pickle juice when you get home from the party/club/pub and drink a couple glasses of water to rehydrate yourself. I suggest taking a multivitamin or at least a B-complex vitamin instead of the aspirin or ibuprofen when you go to bed tho, cause in combination with alcohol those otc pain relievers tend to be harsh on your liver.
    This has worked very well for me, especially when I don’t have all day to lie in bed the following morning.

  3. Indeed it works! I’ve done this forever. I never ever wake up with a hangover.

  4. Ummm…I drink like a Thoroughbred gallops, so…not understanding the “before” method…but I am currently chowing down on a Van Holten’s “Big Papa” and it’s amazing…(and yes, I drank the fuck out of his sweet sweet juice) my hangover will soon be a distant reminder…or a soon to be rekindled death-wish after tonight’s round.

  5. been drinking forever and never tried this. But let me tell you that v8 tomato juice works just as well and you don’t even need aspirins.

  6. hell yeah, just tried this today, and it works GREAT. I recommend everyone starts doing it, it will lead to a much more productive world lol!

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