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Cut My Heart Out

I’m actually losing it over the cutout trend I’ve been seeing everywhere. I’ve always been into low cut backs and cool little details that accentuate different body parts, but heart shaped cutouts? That’s taking my obsession to a whole new level. Unfortunately, finding this peekaboo element while shopping has been kinda tough… until now.

When I hit up Urban Outfitters recently  not only did I see the usual summer dress collection, but an ENTIRE SECTION dedicated solely to cutouts. I swooned to say the least.

Oh, and here’s the beauty of it — you can customize your look depending on what you feel comfortable showing. Not that into your back, but have killer triceps? There are styles that have cutouts highlighting the arms and collarbone. Have a tiny little waist you want to show off? Side cutouts exist too! It’s just the right dose of sex appeal to compliment a sweet little sundress and I simply can’t get enough of it.

Posted by Kate

Image source Urban Outfitters 

To Show Skin or Not Show Skin?

That is the question…with an answer that may come as a surprise. For those of us who have always considered the turtleneck to be fashionably taboo, it may be time to reconsider. According to The New York Times Style gurus, the turtleneck may once again be “coming out of its shell” and making a comeback in the fashion world.

Most consider the turtleneck’s time in the sun to be the 70s. For me, the turtleneck is an all too vivid reminder of my Limited Too-themed 80s childhood. Considered stylish among the elementary school crowd (or at least you would have thought with the frequency of which I donned them!), the turtleneck then took a much needed 20+ year hiatus from the fashion-forward scene. That is, until recently, when it has once again become chic to cover up and rock those turtlenecks as Rachel Roy did at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Awards this past November.

With a history that outlives most garments, stretching all the way back to the late 1800s, the turtleneck was bound to go in and out of style a few times. But is it really time for the turtleneck comeback? Designers seem to think so and are ushering it in, in full force. Michael Kors, Donna Karen, Joseph Altuzarra and Olivier Theyskens in his Theory line all are believers in the turtleneck and consider it to not only be fashionable, but will go so far as to considerate it sexy. With these frigid cold days upon us in Boston, you have to admit a turtleneck sounds pretty awesome. I suppose time (or temps) will tell on how long it will take us to crack and become turtleneck believers too…  As for me, when it dips below zero, I most likely will be runway-ready in no time!

Posted by Heather

Fashion of the Future

If we were given the opportunity to forecast what fashion would look like in 2040, what would we predict? Suddenly images of sidewalks filled with women in Lady Gaga-esque armadillo shoes come to mind.

Buzzfeed.com recently posted a video from the 1930s where fashion designers shared their ideas on styles that they thought would be popular in 2000. From dresses that can be adaptable from morning to evening (think de-attachable sleeves!) to wedding dresses made of glass, the predications are highly amusing and in some cases, rather accurate. For instance, one idea they had was clothing using transparent net…I’m pretty sure I have this adorable Nanette Lepore number with netted sleeves sitting in my closet at home. Granted, it’s not to catch males, but hey, I’m all about multi-functional!

Now if only Bloomingdales sold electric headpieces to help all women “find an honest man”…  To 2040!

Posted by Alyssa

90s Geek is Gen Y’s…Chic?

We all know the saying “history repeats itself,” and I think it’s pretty safe to say that fashion repeats itself, too. With my mom as my witness, she never thought she would see me wearing her cropped, green silk blouse, complete with shoulder pads and a chunky-heel pump pattern (it’s not as ugly as it sounds!).

He wasn’t cool in the 90s, but if the geeked-out Steve Urkel were a prominent TV figure today, Laura Winslow might think twice about telling him to “Go home!”  Who knew the revenge of the nerds would be so sartorially accepted?

The slim-hipped, high-waisted, acid-washed jeans that define 90s geek and grunge are now staples in the dream wardrobe of any self-respecting hipster. Take out the prescription lenses from those tortoise shell glasses and you’ve got yourself a bona fide Gen Y man-child. If I saw this outfit walking down the street, I wouldn’t think twice about it (although, you really don’t see much of this in Boston, unless you go to Emerson).

Don’t get your hopes up, Laura. Just because retro threads are in right now, it doesn’t make Steve Urkel any less of a loser, or hipsters cool. And don’t worry Alyssa—I have a feeling slap bracelets will make their way back into fashion.

Posted by Hannah

Out With the Old, In With the New

When the New Year comes around, everyone is always looking for ways to purge themselves of last year’s bad habits.  Well, my bad habit is shopping; in fact, I am frequently referred to as “Shop Monster” (which I think is meant endearingly…?), and have more than once been (rudely!) asked if I do anything productive with my free time other than shop.

As you can imagine, I have my fair share of horrible impulse purchases, including What-the-F-was-I-thinking mini dresses, I-can’t-believe-I-wore-this-in-college tops, and Did-I-buy-these-at-Isis-Maternity pants.  As bored with or as horrified as I am with some of my closet couture, I fully believe one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

So in the spirit of the New Year, I’m cleanin’ out my closet: I’m going to consign all of my old threads!  I have already cleaned out my drawers and neatly folded over fifty items of clothing, accessories and shoes.  Let’s face it; some things are just too nice to go to Goodwill, why not sell it off, sans the hassle of e-bay?  Note: if you try this at home, I recommend you are not in any sort of nostalgic mood; in fact, it’s probably best to be in a bad mood.

I’ve consigned before with a few different shops.  In Boston, you can find a Second Time Around pretty much anywhere. They offer a 60/40 split on the final sale of each item, and even hook you up with an online account so you can track the pieces that have been sold.

So, I’ll be starting the year off with a clean closet and empty drawers and, in about a month, a check with my name on it will magically appear in the mail, rewarding me for my fashion sense (or lack thereof)!  It’s such an easy way to get some extra spending money, which of course can be put towards this year’s new fashion trends.

Posted by Hannah


I know, I never thought I’d actually want it to rain, but with the news of Burberry’s soon-to-be launched customizable trench coats—I’m going to be praying for a monsoon!

InStyle.com just reported that Burberry is introducing a new on-line customization option so you can bedazzle, monogram and color block your very own Burberry trench. I mean who wants the play-it-safe nova check when you can create your own fabulous combination of plaid and studs? The Creative Director of Burberry says that there will be over 12 million options…why, I think this means a coat for all occasions!

We all know what I’m going to be adding to my wish list next year…

Posted by Alyssa

“Boyfriend [insert article of clothing]”: The Proven Trend Formula

In 2009, the “Boyfriend Jean” was made famous as Katie Holmes and SJP were spotted wearing loose-fitting distressed jeans, cuffed at the ankle. It wasn’t long before this trend became a staple in gossip magazines as the paparazzi snapped more and more photos of young Hollywood mamas in their casual wear. Not long after, the Olsen twins and Lauren Conrad were among the many young (read: “hipper”) starlets seen out in baggy flannel button-downs and tight-skinny jeans; the “Boyfriend Shirt” quickly became a wardrobe regular for the care free, city-girl look. So it should have come as no surprise when the “Boyfriend Blazer” hit the scene with models such as Agyness Deyn and Kate Moss pairing over-sized, cuffed blazers over tight party dresses (my personal favorite).  I could go on and mention the chunky “Boyfriend Watch,” or the short-lived “Boyfriend Trouser”… but I think I’ve made my point.

Just when I thought the fashion world had run out of articles of male clothing to transform, Rebecca Minkoff debuted her “Boyfriend Bag” as part of her Fall 2010 collection ($295, rebeccaminkoff.com). Designed to be worn messenger-style, Minkoff’s leather BF bag features a sturdy metal-link chain and will be available in a palate of rich fall colors including electric orange, deep olive and slate grey.

So, there you have it. As designers, bloggers and columnists frantically rattle their brains to spot the latest fads, Minkoff proves that cross-dressing remains a safe, yet reliable, trend platform in the fashion world.

Posted by Emily