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Airbnb-ers, Beware!

Airbnb has had a good streak of victories lately, from winning a legal standoff in New York regarding customer privacy records to beefing up its app with new options to instantly book a place to stay that night or weekend.

But just one look at the new Tumblr “You’re Gonna Die Here,” which chronicles the creepiest, horror film-inspiring accommodations for rent on Airbnb, and its customers may high-tail it for the fuddy duddy comfort of

Using images of forgotten basements, abandoned children’s beds and makeshift outdoor lean-tos, the Tumblr’s authors craft what they can only assume are the Airbnb host’s descriptions of their overnight digs.

“The sofas are perfect for hiding under when I come looking for you. Let me know if you need more towels.”

1Image source

“This was the SAME CABOOSE where the bodies of the Boxcar children were found.”

Image source

“This WAS our daughter’s room… until she stopped winning medals.”

Image source

Better sleep with one eye open…these rooms are to die for!

Posted by Michelle

Meet SleepAfloat, the New Airbnb

Image source

Quite frankly, here at mm/c, we think Airbnb is the s#*!. From renting chic, multi-bedroom pads during press trips to exploring similar, b-room vs. bedroom options, we dig the site’s plethora of unique lodging options, ranging from treetop ZZzz’s to coastal villas.

That said, it was only a matter of time before a new alternative accoms site swept in to give Airbnb some healthy competition. Enter, the latest and greatest in (you guessed it) floating, harborside boat rentals for sea captains and Joe Schmos alike.

Founded with a single boat (read: giant houseboat) in 2005, SleepAfloat now offers docked yacht and houseboat rentals in nine cities from Boston to L.A. We’re talkin’ seaside pads like the two bedroom, two bath YKnot in Boston’s Lewis Wharf for the same price as a waterfront hotel room or the colorful, eight-person MV Coconuts in Key West (want!) for a reasonable $350 per night.

While most travelers spend their stays stories above sea level, SleepAfloat guests enjoy their morning coffee with the rising/falling tides while watching sea creatures frolic in the distance (no, really!). Talk about a room with a view!

I can see it now: mm/c work trips to the Cape with accommodations courtesy of a two-bedroom, roof deck-clad houseboat. What? A girl can dream!

Posted by Mary


The selfie epidemic has swept the nation and I don’t hate it. My parents, on the other hand, may disagree. On a recent family trip to Italy, my dad asked me why I was so obsessed with taking selfies. Well, to quote the legendary Will Smith circa the late 80s, “parents just don’t understand.”


#selfiesunday #TreviFountain #Rome 


#StPetersBasilica #Rome #holyselfie #popeshouse

The art of selfieing, when done appropriately, captures the emotion of a moment better than any other blurry picture that results from asking that stranger to take your picture (or in my case, when I asked my technology inept parents to take my picture).

Apparently, I am not the only one who has an affinity for selfies. Take a gander at these Michelangelos’ of the trade:

3Image source

#Disgusted #penguins #Capetown 

44Image source

#mudlove #brotherlylove #MineralBeach #DeadSea 

5Image source

#Tobogganing #GreatWall #China

Still not convinced? Check out this Pennsylvania native who, in attempts to avoid paying absurdly high NYC taxes, uses selfies to document his use of a NYC apartment for strictly work purposes:



And, just to be clear, I was NOT the kid who sat on a 19th century Hellenistic statue in Milan….but that would have been one hell of a good selfie!

7Image source

Posted by Erika

With This Shell, I Thee Wed

maryImage source

I like to consider myself mm/c’s resident mermaid expert, so when Travel + Leisure’s Carry On blog released the latest and greatest in tail-clad wedding news, I was all ears (scales?).

According to Carry On, the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel has tapped into the growing mer-person demographic by offering a brand-new Mermaid Wedding Package. Yes, I’m serious.

The Sheraton’s below sea-level ceremony option includes formal tails for the happy couple, a mermaid choreography lesson and themed champagne toast following an underwater vow exchange that can last up to ten minutes (read: breathing is important) while guests look on from the resort’s “Wreck Bar.” A legitimate beach ceremony follows the mermaid version to ensure merman and mermaid are bound together in holy legal matrimony.

And now to answer the question on everyone’s minds: No, this fishy wedding option has not been added to my dream wedding Pinterest page. Honeymoon, on the other hand….!

Posted by Mary

Dancing Across China in 100 Days

Although I have great travel aspirations, my exploration of the world has been pretty limited so far. No semester abroad in Sydney. No summer class in Paris. Not even a trip to Canada (which happens to be a mere boat ride across Lake Ontario from my hometown!). However. That is not to say I don’t want to travel and see the world. Really who wouldn’t? Europe. Asia. Definitely Australia.  And that sense of wanderlust has only intensified after seeing this video.

1Image source

From the rainbow colored shorts, to the crazy moves, to the breathtaking backdrops, and of course the entertaining locals—this “One-Man Dance Party” will surely put a smile on your face. (Not to mention the soundtrack—Super Bowl 2014 halftime performer, Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”!)

2Image source

According to E! Online Jake Gaba, a student at Dartmouth College, spent his time abroad in China dancing. Yes, for 100 days in the most populous country in the world he danced. From Beijing to Chengdu to  Xi’An, Tibet, Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai, Feng Huang, and Hong Kong Gaba danced, claiming it was his personal way to make the memories of his trip last.

One thing is for sure: This kid knows how to travel. As for his dancing, you be the judge!

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To Detox or Not to Detox?

aaImage source PureWow

Ah, vacation…the time when you can sit back and relax, finally crack open one of those books that have been collecting dust on your shelf since you “browsed” Barnes and Noble five years ago, and spend quality time with number one.

While some (me) find nestling up on the couch in a onesie drinking wine and playing Candy Crush for hours a pretty decent va-cay, others would rather part with the digital world during their cherished time off. Although digital addiction has been around for quite a while now (since before the invention of Candy Crush, if you can believe it!), digital detox vacations are starting to trend. People are now checking in their phones, iPads and other devices while checking into their hotel or resort.

Some of these detoxes are retreats for the seriously obsessed phone-checkers, and others are merely hotel packages which discourage the use of phones, laptops and the like (check out a few of those here).

While spending a week relaxing on a Canadian ranch becoming one with nature does intrigue me at times, I may be just a little attached to my precious new iPad to turn it into the reception desk. How about I promise to only check my phone a couple times a day (in case of emergencies, of course)?

And now for the thought you were all having: How are you supposed to make all of your friends back home jealous by Instagramming those beautiful Costa Rican sunsets with no phone?!

Posted by Erin D.

Obsessed with Twitter? This Hotel is For You!

Image source

Some enjoy detaching themselves from their mobile devices while on vacation in order to ensure a relaxing, stress-free time. Others, like those that visit Sol Wave House in Majorca, Spain, prefer to kick their Twitter fix up a notch, indulging in “the First Twitter experience hotel in the world.” You’ve heard of hotels with social media know-how, but you’ve never seen anything like this before!

Sol Wave House is a tech-savvy social butterfly’s dream: an island oasis with Twitter-themed guest rooms, an exclusive web app that allows guests to share pictures, send private messages, and send virtual kisses, Twitter-themed cocktails and a #TwitterPoolParty on Fridays. If things start heating up with a fellow Twitter addict, you can take things to the Twitter Party Suite which “hosts up to four guests and comes with bubbly, blue balloons, hashtag licorice and a mirror that provokes a tweet-worthy moment.”

Other amenities include restaurants and sports bars, two outdoor swimming pools overlooking the Mediterranean, a sun terrace with sun beds, an exclusive VIP zone, free social WIFI, Internet corner and shopping mall.

So if you’d prefer your vacay to be more social and less solo, Sol Wave House is the place for you. Just make you sure take plenty of Instagrams and Twitpics to make all of your followers jealous!

Posted by Erin