Sweet Dreams Aren’t Made of This

Image source Wikimedia
Image source cdn meme

As any Buzzfeed writer worth their salt could tell you, some things from childhood are better off left there, ‘cuz when you view them with your new, less-than-rose-colored big girl glasses, you realize those innocent stories are 50 shades of sexist/racist/dirty/whatever. Need proof? See here, here and here and then thank me for setting you up with the off-color Valentine’s Day cards you’ll be using in 2016.

The listicle mafia doesn’t have the whole childhood ruining game on lock, though. The late night team, namely the fine folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live, are getting in on the game. Click below and let Liam Neeson read you a bedtime story. Its way more fun than searching for the p-unit on the cover of The Little Mermaid.

Posted by Erin K

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