A Match Made in Netflix

wed1Image source EliteDaily.com

If you’ve online dated lately (yes – Tinder counts), you may have noticed a common theme – everyone, yes EVERYONE lists “Netflix” as one of their interests. ‘Cause I mean, who HASN’T spent a few days on the couch with nothing to eat but a bag of Cheetos watching Scandal in 8 hour increments…

Since Netflix binging has become such a universal (hobby? pastime?), some TV lovers decided to create a concept for a dating app that matches singles based on Netflix habits and preferences – appropriately named Binger. Would you rather spend your Friday nights tuned into House of Cards than shooting back Fireball at your local dive bar? Binger has the person for you!

Unfortunately for us, this app does not exist (yet), because Netflix’s API is closed (if you are like me and had to look that up, it means that data from Netflix cannot be used in apps). But Binger is hoping that people can help spread the word to convince Netflix that it needs to happen. So that people can #BeAloneTogether.

Because why should we need to leave the house to date these days? (Sarcasm, people).

Posted by Erin D

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