I Vow To…

Image source Buzzfeed.com

I hate weddings. Okay, let me rephrase that. I hate the idea of marriage, but love the sh&%show that unfolds after the “I dos” are over, also known as the reception. I’ve only been to a few weddings in my short lifetime, but when I go I always have an internal major freak out during the vows. As the couple stands at the alter mumbling “through sickness and health…” and all those other cheesy meaningless words, I sit there over-analyzing their body language and wondering if they’re freaking out as much as I am about the fact that they’re stuck with the same person FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Marriage is creepy, people.

Anyways enough on how weird our society is…luckily times are changing and all weddings aren’t filled with the traditional hogwash of yesteryear. Today, we have same-sex marriage, second marriages, fifth marriages, transsexual marriages — you name it, it’s cool, and for that reason I’m starting to find weddings a little more entertaining than rusty organs and crying flower girls.

Recently a NASCAR driver got married to a model, surprise surprise.  Anyway, the vows were absolutely adorable. Why? Because some of them were from Mr. Scott to the model’s pint-sized daughter, achieving waterworks from the audience, which is ultimately the goal of any wedding, right? Check out the vid here:

This guy won father of the year before he even became a father! And, for that reason, I may have actually shed a tear during a wedding — even if it was on YouTube.

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