Experience the Power of a ‘Bookbook’!

In this modern digital age it is extremely refreshing to see a brand embrace a more ‘lo-fi’ sales approach, and this is exactly what furniture store IKEA has done in its latest commercial advertising the release of its 2015 sales catalog.

Lulling us into a happy reverie by riffing off the jingle jangle music and the sleek and sultry word play of Apple advertising, the ad introduces us to the IKEA Chief Design Guru (who wouldn’t want this as their job title?) – a sweet ‘Scandi’ talking head called Jorgen Eghammer. He informs us of the amazing new technology that they have created which will ‘change the way we live’…tell me more, I hear you cry!

It is a device ‘so simple and intuitive, that using it feels almost familiar’…what could it be? What have those clever Swedish design bods created for us eager shoppers?!

Ah, the sweet payoff – Jorgen happily tells us this is not a digital book, or an e-book, it is a ‘bookbook’. It could end here but the ad continues and explains all the reasons why the bookbook is by far superior to its digital counterparts. Features include no power cable required to keep it charged, an eternal battery life, an expansive 15 by 8 inches view size with ‘tactile touch technology’. I particularly like the guidance of how to navigate through the book and adding bookmarks – as Jorgen says “Amazing!”

The ad reminds us of the joys of flipping through a tangible magazine, and how simple life used to be (or still could be, I guess!).

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to IKEA to stock up on amusingly shaped ice cube trays, followed by a plate of Swedish meatballs.

Posted by Hilary


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