Holy S#!*

Guess what, people? It looks like we may be on our way to bringing safe, sanitary drinking water to millions of people around the world who struggle to find it every.single.day. Even more shocking, the solution lies within all of us. Literally. Who knew?

Everyone’s favorite gadrillionaire humanitarian Bill Gates has been putting his efforts (and his wads and wads of money) into solving this real-world problem and is now drawing all of our attention to the possible solution – the Janicki Omniprecessor (it just sounds smart, doesn’t it?). This fancy, self-powered machine has the ability to boil down sewer sludge, purify it and transform it into clean (and clear) drinking water. That’s right, we can now make drinking water out of human waste. Now do you see why I said the solution was inside all of us….


Image Source: FirstWeFeast

It looks like we no longer need to let all of that waste go to waste. While it may sound disgusting (especially when people refer to it as “poo water”), this could mean huge things for parts of the world that still struggle with finding safe, non-polluted water sources. Gates talks in-depth about his experience at the facility on his blog, complete with a short video explaining step-by-step exactly how this fancy-shmancy machine works it’s magic.

While some may stick up their noses at the thought, all I can say is – poo poo to you. If it’s good enough for Gates, it’s good enough for me. Here’s to hoping for some real-world changes in 2015!

Posted by Amy

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