Blame it on the Birthday

I’m just gonna put it out there: I think sh*t in review is awesome. Could be anything – music I like, music I don’t like; movies I may or may not have seen – doesn’t  matter so long as it’s a list and or mashup of crap that happened in the past year. Buzzfeed is particularly helpful here – they’ve got lists of 2014’s best picture books, best book to movie adaptations, best movies…. Guys, I don’t even LIKE pictures books but I read the f-ing list (legit, though, that thing about not liking picture books is a lie. I’m not heartless).

My affection for retrospectives paired with forward-thinking runs deep – you guys probably all knew this, but the year I was born, I was Newport, Rhode Island’s ~official~ New Year’s Baby. It was weird because it means that no one in Newport County was born on January 1st or 2nd, but cool because it meant my parents got a Welcome Wagon filled with, like, eight months’ worth of formula and diapers. (Goes to show what a “sense of urgency can get you, eh?) It also meant I got a bigger-than-usual birth announcement in the Newport Daily News where the words “grand entrance” may or may not have been used.* Baby’s first media placement?

Long story short, I’m pulling rank as the NYE baby of 198X (gotta keep you guessing, folks) and sharing DJ EarWorm’s 2014 United State of Pop. I love it because, as above, I have a de-facto love for reflective mash-ups, but also because it’s got a hopeful message that I read online and will repeat here: 2014 wasn’t even a great year for pop (we had A LOT of saxophones. Dance music is historically at its best during economic downturns, see this article and this 2009 Earworm jam) but this is a great mashup. Check it out below to reflect, review and rock out with abandon:

*If the person who penned birth announcements for the Daily News in the late eighties is now working for the NYT, or Globe or idk…Middletown Patch and happens to be reading this, drop me a line. I’d like to apologize. And buy you a muffin.

Posted by Erin K.

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