People in Hell Want Ice Water, Except for Louie & Connie

Let’s be honest, some kids are a little spoiled these days. If you’re looking for proof, basically watch any Jimmy Kimmel video regarding Halloween candy.  It will make you never want to reproduce.

Aside from parents “eating” their kid’s Halloween candy, Christmas always seems to be the peak of every child’s greedy existence. From wild gift expectations of pink ponies to Red Rider BB guns, it makes me want to shout, “Hey Kid! PEOPLE IN HELL WANT ICE WATER!” Damn, that makes me sound like such a Grinch… granted, kids don’t really know the value of money OR [SPOILER ALERT] know that their parent is Santa Claus, but still. And yesterday, people, was ground zero of Christmas expectations.

image007Image source

On the brighter side of the holiday season, there ARE in fact kids that are thankful for what they receive, and it warms my heart. Take these little kiddies. Let me start off first by saying that their names are Louie and Connie. Seriously?! After asking Louie and Connie what they want for Christmas, their father, Tim Cocker, tells them that they can both open up one present. Upon opening, the kids find that it is not your typical gift, nor is it something that would cause so much elation. What ensues seriously gives me the warm fuzzies. Watch for yourself below.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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