Holiday Tears…er, Cheer

Image Source Huffington Post

I am such a sucker for the holidays. I love it all – the lights, the songs, the decorated trees and, my absolute favorite part, the random acts of kindness and stories of charitable giving that emerge each year. I never tire of hearing about “layaway angels” and don’t even get me started on the WestJet video that emerged last year (if you haven’t seen it, grab your tissues and watch it STAT).

Even the commercials get a little cuter this time of year (and I’m not talking about the Target Lady. Although, she is another favorite of mine). As a person that’s living without cable, I’m always a little late to the commercial game. Thankfully, my dad keeps me up-to-date by passing along his personal faves (the deli line will never be the same for me again…) and I can rely on the Interwebs for everything else. This year’s tear-jerker holiday favorite came from UPS (surprisingly) and tells the story of an adorable little boy Carson and his favorite package deliverer, “Mr. Ernie.”

Carson, who suffers from a condition that doesn’t allow him to drink anything with milk protein, grew fond of his family’s UPS driver after seeing him 3-4 times per week while he delivered Carson’s necessary formula. In fact, he loved Mr. Ernie so much that his family made him a custom UPS uniform of his own, putting him one step closer to his dreams of being a UPS driver when he grows up. I won’t spoil the rest (because it’s way cuter to watch it all happen in the video) but let’s just say ‘tis the season for holiday dreams to come true.

If you haven’t already seen it on TV, you can catch the full video here.

Who knew that UPS would be the cause for my holiday tears this year? Happy Holidays, everybody!

Posted by Amy

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