The Do’s and Don’ts of an Ugly Sweater Party

College Christina was all about themed parties; whether it be a stoplight party or an abc party, I was always down to think up a creative costume and strut myself into the beer-infested basement of choice that particular weekend. Now, a tad bit older, I refrain from the themed parties of my past, but there is one party I can never resist. What party is that, you ask? The ugly sweater party of course!

Every December, the temps start dropping and so does my mood, but there is one thing that gets me giddy and that, my friends, is the classic ugly sweater party. Any opportunity that allows me to let loose and laugh at myself is an opportunity I can’t resist. But sometimes these ugly sweater outfits can go terribly wrong and I can’t help but shake my head at some of the contenders. With ugly sweater parties in full swing and Christmas only a couple of days away, I’ve taken it upon myself to provide the do’s and don’ts of proper Ugly Sweater Party attire.

The Onesie


1Image source


2Image source

Suits should never be made of felt. That is all, boys.

“The Funny Guy”


3Image source


4Image source

I don’t know about you, but my boobs aren’t filled with joy. Keep it classy, girls.

The Dress


Flaunt fake cleavage.

5Image source


Flaunt your cheeks.

6Image source

Unless you’re this guy…

7Image source

Congratulations, you have completed Ugly Sweater Party 101. Use these skills  and share them with your friends. Let’s put an end to the oxymoronic tacky/slutty Christmas and remember..keep it classy, y’all!

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