Instagram’s latest upgrade has brought a boatload of exciting new features to us. For starters we’ve got five new filters (FIVE!) to use when pretending to be a really artsy photographer. As the first new filters to grace our photos since December 2012, Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua are the new kids on the block and will be displayed as the first filter options.

image002Image source

Instagram’s filter examples above are all well and good, but I’m a visual learner and need to compare each filter used on the same photo. For our purposes, I snapped a picture of my unsuspecting co workers which will serve as the independent variable while also giving you readers a sneak peek at our new office space.

Here’s the photo without a filter:


And now I’ll take you through the new filters, one by one. First up: Slumber:








And last, but not least, Perpetua:


You’ll also notice that with this update, each filter is now represented by a blur which I find incredibly unhelpful and am not into. However, another feature of the update makes up for this and that’s the fact that you can manage and prioritize your filters. Yep, you can now permanently get rid of “Toaster” once and for all!


So there you have it, guys, five new filters to play with! Go forth and set the Internet on fire. Christmas grams, here we come!

Posted by Tracy

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