Image source BusinessInsider.com

Last March, m.blog introduced you to Mayhem, the pint-sized fashionista who has taken the Instagram world by storm. Well, it turns out that was just the beginning for the budding fashion designer. What we Mayhem fans and followers did not know was that, while we were scrolling through the four year-old’s construction paper creations on our iPhones from the couch, she was in New York. Designing a Spring 2015 line for Crewcuts by J.Crew.

How did this come about, you ask? After the Instagram account of Mayhem’s mother, Angie, was being raved about all over the web, she received an email from some J. Crew employee named Jenna Lyons (just the Executive Creative Director, whose flawless wardrobe and eye for style is enamored by prepsters around the world, including Duchess Kate). NBD. Before they knew it, the dynamic design team was on the floor of the J.Crew offices with paper, tape, crayons, and beads (the go-to design tools of a preschool child). Mayhem’s creations were transformed into a capsule collection, which will be available this Spring.

While Mayhem already has a more impressive resume than an FIT grad, it isn’t likely that she will be jetting off to New York to begin her fashion career just yet. In fact, I’m positive I would not put any four year-old in front of a sewing machine. Still, it’s very cool to know that youngsters everywhere will be running around the playground in her creations. You go, Mayhem!

Posted by Erin D. 

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