More Marsala Please

After much deliberation at the Pantone Color Institute, Marsala (Pantone 18-438 to be exact) has been deemed THE color of 2015. According to Pantone, Marsala will dominate everything from throw pillows to bikinis in the coming year, claiming its reign among the fashion-conscious.

1Image source Pantone

Described by Pantone as a “naturally robust and earthy red wine,” the color is more mature and easily incorporated into everyday life, at least as compared to 2014’s Radiant Orchid hue. In my opinion, I love Marsala. It’s easy to wear, practically a neutral, and its name simply evokes positive emotions in my mind (who doesn’t want to be thinking about wine?!).

2Photo from NY Post

It’s been receiving a lot of criticism though, one website calling it “the color of your 85-year-old aunt’s favorite pant suit” and “the color of the crust that has formed around the mouth of the ketchup bottle at the back of your fridge.” Not exactly appealing when you put it that way…

But for the sake of being trendy, I fully support and encourage everyone to at least try this color once in the new year! Even if just in your wine glass. Hey, nothing like imbibing in style!

Posted by Carli

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