An Emoji’s Worth a Thousand Words

Millennials aren’t necessarily known as being the best communicators. Growing up in a digital world, people in my generation find it easier to send an email than pick up the phone (guilty of this), are more comfortable behind a screen than in person, and send text messages that hardly constitute proper English. On top of the texting epidemic, the rising popularity of smartphones made way for Emojis. You know, those cute little pictures accompanying a text message that range from a simple smiley-face to an ice cream cone to a traffic light to a ….

1Image source

Emojis have made texting even more cryptic, with people using Emojis in place of words with no true definition as to what they actually mean. But fear not Emoji users — Emojipedia has come to solve all of your Emoji-translating needs! Emojipedia includes not only the official meaning of the Emoji with definitions, but also an “Also Known As” category identifying other definitions people commonly give to said Emoji. For example, I always thought this Emoji was a big cheesy/awkward smile, turns out I was way off…

2Image source

And of course, in case you are STILL unclear about which Emoji you should use after browsing through Emojipedia, 9gag created a list comparing the “official” meaning from Emojipedia with what you would actually use the Emoji for. Some of my favorite and most applicable include:

Image source 9gag.com4
Image source

Image source

But please millennials, even with Emojipedia,  let’s try and keep our Emoji use to a minimum to avoid any and all confusion from these cute yet cryptic characters. That is, unless you’re Beyoncé.

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