Cat-tastic Furniture

OK, truth be told, I’m not much of a cat person, (full disclosure, I’m not much of an animal person in general but that’s another story). Cats are too sneaky for my liking, I don’t like it when they bring you ‘gifts’ of deceased rodents and I’m pretty sure they withhold affection on a whim.

However, if I did have to share my apartment with a feline I think I’d be more than tempted to furnish it with one or more of these ‘purrrfect’ cat décor pieces. First and foremost the Cat Burger Bed. Screw the kitty, I want a human-sized one of these for myself to squeeze into!

Image source

Next up, the Cat Library bookshelf – now this not only looks pretty cool and gives you a whole load of book storage, but also gives your cat somewhere to climb, skulk and generally look down upon you with a superior glint in its eye. Plus it will avoid this sort of situation!

Image source

For someone like me who enjoys the easy life – there is the Cat Rocker chair. Hell, I think I could forget I had a cat if one of these was procured for my living room.

Image source

And finally, for someone who loves cats so much they’d be willing to transform their abode into a crazy cat playroom, here is the Cat Paradise. If you ask me, this guy has got far more money than sense!

Image source

There are loads more catnip inspired items on the inter web – a great selection of which can be found here.

Happy holidays, all of you cat-lovers out there!

Posted by Hilary

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