DDs For a Day

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You’re getting ready for that big event — you have your tan sprayed on, hair blown out, new Jimmy Choos snug on your feet, but wait you forgot something… your breasts. That’s right, you can now get temporary breasts my friends. Brace yourselves.

For a few thousand dollars you can now sport a pair of DDs for a mere 24 hours. Plastic surgeon Norman Rowe deems these bad boys “vacation boobs”. Thinking about turning your mosquito bites into watermelons, but afraid to commit? In twenty minutes (that’s a third of your lunch break, marlo friends!) your boobs will inflate into voluptuous melons, but be warned — after 24 hours they will deflate. This could make a one night stand even more awkward than it already is (not that I would know…).

Maybe it’s because I’m already #blessed with a chest, but I really don’t understand the need to go bigger (back pain people!), especially for only one day. I guess this falls into the go big or go home philosophy? In any case, just make sure if you go home with a dude he’s aware that your balloons will be deflated by morning. Now that’s a Cinderella story I’d love to watch unveil.

Posted by Christina

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