The Undress


One of the specialties of anyone who’s spent as much time in locker rooms as I have is changing in public without any unwarranted nudity. You know that under-the-towel shimmy of removing a bathing suit and donning an outfit sans exposure? I’ve mastered it.

According to Refinery 29, I’m not the only one who does that dance on the regular. April Estrada, co-founder of The Undress, crafted a get-up to allow exercise enthusiasts to change out of workout clothes anywhere, even in public, without getting naked. A mobile changing room – why didn’t I think of that? Fitness buffs just put on The Undress and use its specialized features (zippered pockets, drawstring neckline, slip-under front panel, inner lining and more) to remove gym clothes and put on a new outfit with ease.

Plus, it’s actually pretty cute. Did I mention it’s reversible? See it in action here.

Dig the idea like I do? Contribute to their Kickstarter fund and you could see it in stores in no time.

Posted by Mary

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