Move Over, PSL

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Here on, we spend a lot of time pondering the ins and outs of fall-fueled pumpkin spice obsession. Does loving pumpkin make us basic? Is being basic really so bad? Clearly, a gal’s got a lot to think about when fall rolls around.

New to the fall dining roster and popping up in North America’s foliage-laden regions is something a little less warm and cozy and a little more crunchy, earthy and well, leafy than the classic PSL, says Quartz. Enter deep-fried maple leaves.

Popular in Japan’s Minoh Park outside of Osaka, an area filled with red momiji (Japanese maple trees), the age old practice of salt-cured, deep-fried leaves in a salty, crunchy tempura batter has spread from Asia to the west this year with variations at Canada’s Canoe restaurant (Chef John Horne compares them to kale chips and dusts them with wild leek salt) and in home kitchens (Maple/Pumpkin/Fig Tempura, anyone?).

So, Boston chefs, when will the Comm. Ave foliage become part of the plate? I see a new, not-so-basic PSL on the horizon!

Posted by Mary

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