Have We All Met Neville?

Image source Instagram

If you were to skim through my Instagram feed, you’d quickly notice I follow a whole lotta pups, and a whole lotta fashion. What really gets me to go berserk with the double taps? When the two collide.

It’s for this reason that one of my favorite Instagram celebs right now is Neville Jacobs, the sassy bull terrier that belongs to Marc Jacobs. No stranger to the social world, Neville maintains an active account for his 83k loyal followers. I’m personally a big fan of Marc Jacobs, so it’s no surprise that his pup would be king of the fashion world K-9s.

Here are some of my favorite Neville moments:

Ready for rain…

Image source Instagram

 Prepping for fashion week…

Image source Instagram

Being absurdly trendy…

gggImage source Instagram

Hating Monday morning…

vvxImage source Instagram

Rocking the leather jacket…

vxImage source Instagram

…and last but not least, hanging with his best friend Charlie.

Image source Instagram

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