Ever wake up and scroll through your Instagram feed to find a handful of inspiring, uber-corny quotes on picturesque backgrounds? I do. And let me tell you, while I appreciate a good pep talk every now and then, there are only so many cheesy quotes and silly hashtags (#blessed #humble) one gal can handle.

Enter @Unspirational, the ying to all those corny quotations’ yang in the form of an incredibly popular (I’m talkin’ 41,000 followers) Instagram account. With the slogan, “welcome to reality,” @Unspirational pokes fun at those ooey gooey sayings with hilarious sound bites on artsy backgrounds.

Feeling cynical like me? Tag an over-quoting offender in one of my favorite #realitycheck posts:

Image source Instagram.com


Image source Instagram.com

Maybe someday technology will work that way…

Image source Instagram.com

My apologies to loyal m.blog readers for the vulgarity, but that’s one of my favorites.

Image source Instagram.com

I am so guilty of this. #thetruthhurts.

Image source Instagram.com

That one is actually really mean and my feelings are hurt. We all know how I feel about Ryan.

All I can say is #sorryimnotsorry.

Posted by Mary

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