Beer Cans for the Basics, Coming Right Up!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I don’t know much about beer. Besides your everyday knowledge of vocabulary and overall taste, I am a newb. When going to a bar and faced with the ultimate task of answering, “what are you having,” I freeze in fear and blurt out the first beer I recognize, which is usually Narragansett, Bud Light, or a heavily flavored beer such the obligatory fall-inspired Shipyard Pumpkin.

zzzImage source

Although I don’t know much, I am aware of the colors of beer I can tolerate. Dark beers? Too strong. Light pale brews? Too bitter. I’m like the f*&king Goldilocks of beer, which is funny because golden colored beers are usually what I go for. Just call me the beer-drinking Blanche Devereaux. (Side note: according to this article, based on the beer I drink, I’m not afraid of what others think of me and I’m totally dateable. Call me, boys.)

xxImage source

Anyways, in typical Pantone style, they’re simplifying things for all of us basic beer b*tches. Now introducing the future of beer packaging:

965Image source TXABER

Image source TXABER

Imagine going to the bar and ordering a 1217 C after a long day?

Image source

In all honesty, I think it’s genius. Although the minimalist style hasn’t been picked up by any breweries, I’ll be waiting for that day while sipping out of my new set of Pantone mixed pinks mugs. Keep it coming, Pantone! Or should I saw Txaber, their Spanish creative agency… olé!

Posted by Emily B.

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