On The Count of Three, I’ll Make This Desk Disappear!

ssImage Source Fastcompany.com

Studies have proven it; everybody knows it: Americans just don’t know how to stop working. We work long hours, neglect our vacation days and then, just for kicks, we work on the weekends too. While the workloads of other countries often pale in comparison with those of the U.S., I will say this – Americans know how to rock a power suit, balance a cell phone and piping hot Starbucks latte while walking and reading the morning newspaper (at the same time) like nobody’s business. We’ve got that on lock.

That being said, everyone knows the feeling of wishing that their desk, their work, their endless to-do lists and – most importantly – their stress would just disappear with the push of a button. Well, as usual, the brilliant minds in Amsterdam have figured out a way to bring sanity to the workday. At 6 pm, the desks of the employees at Heldergroen (a design studio of course) really do disappear to make room for a new list of evening activities, sans a computer screen.

During the day, the office looks like any other communal workspace. But, there are strings attached – the good kind of strings.

kImage Source Fastcompany.com

When the clock strikes 6, a flip of a switch pulls this desk up to the ceiling and suddenly – there’s so much more room for activities!

zImage Source Fastcompany.com

Yup, I’m jealous. Check out the full piece here to see the employees do end-of-day yoga (why not with all of that space?!) and all of the other amazingly genius design tricks that this office has. Amsterdam, I love you.

Posted by Amy

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