Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!

I am a certified scaredy-cat. I’m afraid of ghosts, paranormal happenings, spiders, sharks, darkness, and old houses, among other things. When alone in my house, any noise or creak sends my brain into a deep spiral of paranoia that causes me to start fantasizing about my impending death. I kid you not, I won’t even let my dog out when I’m alone; I am THAT big of a baby.

A typical person with this deep sense of fear stays far away from scary and suspenseful movies and TV shows. A typical, smart person, I should say. But nope, not this gal! I am a thrill seeker who likes to scare myself. I give myself nightmares by watching The Strangers, The Amityville Horror, Paranormal Activity, and most recently, American Horror Story. (I know what you’re thinking. How does she do it? Honestly, I may or may not sleep with a nightlight and one eye open.)

Unlike most scary movies and TV shows, American Horror Story is another animal. Loosely based on real-life stories in America, every fall I find myself curiously awaiting the rebirth of Jessica Lange into another domineering character. The series is interesting no doubt, and you’ve definitely been living under a rock if you haven’t been noticing all of the teasers for the forthcoming season (“Freak Show”) that starts next month.

From what we know, the story is about America’s last working freak show and will feature a bearded lady (Kathy Bates- congrats on last season’s Emmy, girl!), a boy born with lobster-like hands, a woman with three breasts (weird), a two-headed woman (Sarah Paulson, another AHS regular, HOLLA), and a clown (f*ck no, I refuse to watch any scenes with him).

98Image Source Youtube

Too afraid to watch the trailer? Good, because I’ve included it below. You’ll find me watching this under the covers with the nightlight on… NBD. Happy watching horror freaks!

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