Underwater Puppies

Image source TheFrisky.com

I have a lot of weird talents. Clapping with one hand, splits, synchronized swimming, oyster shucking, and most of all, staying underwater for a freakishly long time. Since I can’t fly sans plane, there’s something about diving in and floating in the water (breathing or not) that really clears my head.

According to photographer Seth Casteel’s new book, Underwater Puppies (naturally, the follow-up to his bestseller, Underwater Dogs), baby pooches have that same blissed out feeling when doggie paddling beneath the waves.

In his book, hitting shelves today, Casteel plops little pups into H2O and photographs them as they adorably make their way through the water, some more confidently than others. In the process, he gave over 1,500 puppies their first swimming lessons. Squeee!

It has become clear that I missed my calling in life. Seth, need an assistant?

Posted by Mary

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