Nap Like a Pro

Anyone who knows me well knows I have an affinity for napping. If there was an Oscar for napping, I would take home that gold-plated man statue every time. If napping was an Olympic sport, I’m freakin’ Michael Phelps.

Now while I regularly enjoy a mid-afternoon snooze on a Sunday (it is pretty much what I look forward to every week), the whole 9-to-6 work schedule kind of kills my nap game Monday through Friday. I have, however, imagined quite a few scenarios where I could potentially get away with a cat nap during the work day (don’t worry, Marlo, I have not tried any of them). When that 3pm slump rolls around, the cozy spot under my desk might as well be a pillow fort, because I daydream about curling up there on the reg.

My days of fantasizing about napping have lead me to discover a surprising amount of ways to get a quickie work day nap in, and I have decided to share them with all of you.

1. The Ostrich Pillow

heImage source Kickstarter

You may have seen this innovative pillow/mask mash-up out of the UK when it was first introduced last year. This is for the work napper who is, first of all, not ashamed to nap at work (this was clearly not designed with inconspicuousness in mind), and, second of all, does NOT care what they look like in public. Because this thing is UG-LY. But, damn, it looks comfy. Gotta get myself one of these.

Bonus: they also make a headband-like eye mask version, and sell a “Lover’s Pack,” with two navy and pink pillows. Coordinated napping attire?  That’s my kinda romance.

2. Sleep Safe Tape

ghImage source

If you’re okay with looking a little freakish, maybe you should try this sleep safe tape. It’s basically a sticker with an eyeball on it that you put on your eyelids to make it look like you are awake when you are, in fact, snoozin’ up a storm. Actually, that’s exactly what it is. I cannot speak on the effectiveness of this clever little trick, because, well, your upper eyelashes are below your eyes, and that just ain’t right.

3. iNap@Work

Image source iTunes

Someone must be on my level, because they came up with an app to sneak naps at work.  iNap@Work, available for iPhone, makes “productivity noises,” like typing, mouse clicks, stapling, etc. to simulate that actual work is happening. There are even common sounds like blowing your noise (necessary in cold season) and clearing your throat.

I recommend only using this app if you work in a closed cubicle or private office, because, well, I think it’s obvious.

4. Metronaps

Image source Gizmodo

If your boss is nap-supportive, why not convince he or she to install some of these bomb nap chairs in your office (*cough*Marlo*cough*). Metronaps’ energypod is designed for the ultimate “power nap” with rotating visor for privacy (aka. covering your drooling face), “ergonomic perfection” (aka. comfy as shit), and a timer that gently wakes you after a set time with a combination of light, music, and vibration.

A comfy “chair” that makes me feel like I’m in space WHILE I nap? Yes, please!

Now that I have made you daydream about napping, back to work, people!

Posted by Erin D.


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