Boston Battles for 2024 Games

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There’s something about the Olympics that makes me feel giddy inside.  It’s not at the level of Christmas morning excitement, but it’s fairly close.  And when I say Olympics I am obviously referring to the Summer Games because — let’s be honest — curling has no appeal when it’s up against talented teenage gymnasts and Michael Phelps’ abs. 

Over the years I have spent these weeks of international competition on my couch following many of the events and only dreaming of seeing the games live one day.  The chances of my parents booking us flights to Athens or Beijing were pretty much non-existent, so I’ve been hoping for a return to the U.S in my lifetime.

When news broke that the U.S. was in the running to host the 2024 Summer Games, my heart nearly melted.  To top it off, hearing that Boston was a top contender, my New England-native self could barely handle the news. With cities like Washington, San Francisco, Dallas, and Los Angeles as competing U.S. bids, there’s no guarantee that Boston will take the crown.  But come on, if the U.S. Olympic Committee has paid any attention to #BostonStrong in the past year, then I think they would understand that this city can handle something as honorable and elaborate as the Olympic Games. 

Last week the U.S. Olympic Committee’s board of directors confirmed that Boston made the “short list” for the 2024 games.  With serious considerations to sort out including venues, transportation, security, and budgets, a final decision on a U.S. city to bid will be made by 2015.  The International Olympic Committee won’t determine the ultimate host city until 2017, so I’ll just have to hold out hope that if Boston is selected, Ryan Lochte will still be able to swim.

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One response to “Boston Battles for 2024 Games

  1. Well done Stacy!!! By the way, before I met your uncle Fred, I was on the Olympic Committee in Boston, hoping to persuade the powers that be to host them in Boston. I think that was back in 1992 or 1993. Aunt E.

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