The Best of Bill

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As an actor, Bill Murray was never my fav. There you go, I said it, and quite frankly, my father would kill me for making that statement. He LOVES Bill. When watching What About Bob together he often would be crying in laughter as I let out a courtesy chuckle here and there to make him believe I was interested (sorry Dad). This scenario repeated with Caddyshack, Groundhog Day and believe it or not, Ghostbusters (I may be the only millennial out there who did not enjoy Ghostbusters or any attempts at sequels). But don’t worry BM fans; my feelings for the guy have recently done a complete 360.

A few weeks ago my roommate received a text and exclaimed, “Yes! My sister sent me another Bill Murray story!” Intrigued, I asked what it was all about and it turns out my roommate and her sister have been exchanging quirky BM stories for months. Apparently Bill is an eccentric guy, who crashes bars, major events, minor events, weddings; you name it, the whole time acting like a common Joe Schmo. Of course I had to do some research and see what all the buzz was about, and of course my first thought when reading up on the guy was, “I need to share these stories with my fellow readers!”

So, I present to you a compilation of the top five quirkiest, most bizarre, most awesome things about Bill Murray:

1. Bill Murray crashes random bachelor party, gives best advice ever.

2. Bill Murray plays bartender for a night, doesn’t know the difference between whiskey and tequila.

3. Want to book Bill for a movie? Just call his 1-800 number…that’s right, Mr. Murray does not have an agent, just a 1-800 number that he checks from time to time.

4. He hired a deaf-mute assistant. Kind gesture, but didn’t work out so well…

5. He crashes kickball games.

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Itching for more on BM? Don’t worry there’s a whole Twitter account that rattles off stories left and right or you can check out this website dedicated solely to Bill Murray stories.

While I may not appreciate his acting, I love how eccentric the man is and will forever respect him for being unique. And because of that somebody call XX because Bill Murray is by far the most interesting man in the world.

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