Mr. G & Jellybean – Coming To A Theater Near You

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I dare you to watch this and not cry. MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell recently shared the heartwarming story of a little goat named Mr. G and his BFF Jellybean, a friendly burro. Sounds like the intro to a fluffy kid’s storybook, but it is so much deeper than that…

Mr. G and Jellybean lived together for several years on a farm in Southern California where they were neglected and not cared for properly. They survived on their own through the strong bond of friendship. Recently, they were rescued and brought to separate shelters to recuperate. Upon arrival, Mr. G sat in the corner of his stall and refused to move or eat anything for nearly a week. Get the tissues.

Something had to be done! A kind man volunteered to drive the long journey to retrieve Jellybean and bring him back to his BFF. As soon as he pulled up in the driveway, Mr. G rushed out in glee to meet them and was once again a perky, happy goat. After 20 minutes of “reunited and it feels so good,” Mr. G finally ate something. And all was well in the world again.

The story, the music, the subtitles – it’s pretty awesome and we all need more happy stories like this in our lives!

BTW, this totally has the makings of a wildly popular children’s book on The New York Times best seller list (perhaps penned by Gwenyth Paltrow to fix that pesky bitch perception), followed by a blockbuster Pixar movie with Mr. G voiced by Robert De Niro and sweet little Jellybean played by the one and only Jaden Smith. Their follow-up will be a trip to Africa in Madagascar 8. Get the popcorn!

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