T, as in Tattoo or…Teeth.

Speaking as a tattooed person myself, I will say this – tattoos are like Pringles: “Once you pop, you just can’t stop.” While it may seem strange that getting repeatedly pierced by a needle for hours on end can leave you wanting more (believe me, I completely understand how weird that is), the fact of the matter is that in most cases it’s true. I have already planned out a few more for myself, a process that requires a great deal of thought, not only deciding on the specific design but also carefully considering the placement.

In my opinion that’s the key: placement. I can promise you that you will never see me with a calf tattoo. Why? Because I just don’t get them. Another thing I don’t get – tooth tattoos. Apparently that’s a thing now, although it definitely shouldn’t be.* This very well may be the one and only time I don’t find tattoos to be sexy. Unless it’s a calf tattoo.

Want to commemorate your faithful Fido but you just can’t figure out where to put his smiling visage? Why not permanently affix your canine to your own canine? How poetic. Now you can chew forever in happiness, thinking of your pup.

Image source Jezebel.com

I’m hoping like all other bad trends, this too shall pass. Or maybe it’s just for those who are so heavily inked that they literally have nowhere else to squeeze a tattoo aside from starting on their teeth. In my mind, that would be the sign to stop. Or maybe, it’s just 32 more tattoo opportunities to smile about.

Image source Jezebel.com

*To anyone who has an actual tooth tattoo, I apologize for my comment. Please send me a photo on Twitter; I’d like to see what it looks like and I’m curious what photo was deemed worthy of your smile.

Posted by Amy

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