Ode to Mariah

Here’s a fact that will make any m. blog reader feel old – at the end of May, Mariah Carey put out her 14th studio album, Me. I am Mariah. Her first album, self-titled Mariah Carey, came out 24 years ago.

Here are some quick MC facts: It’s been five years since new Mariah music, with the last hit being “Obsessed,” off her 2009 album Memoirs of an Angel. “Touch My Body” was her last number one hit in 2008, which marks the longest amount of time Mariah has ever gone without a chart-topping single, so no pressure for this album!

marImage source Cast3

I haven’t had time to listen to Me. I am Mariah, so unfortunately I cannot provide a comprehensive review of it (yet!) – but I can certainly reminisce on some of the golden throwbacks Mimi has provided over the years. Check out my list below of some classic Mariah Carey songs and music videos.

Touch My Body

Shake You Off

We Belong Together


 Always Be My Baby

PS – Christmas is too far away, but the epic Christmas ballad All I Want for Christmas is You gets an honorable mention, of course.

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