Eating the Mother Lode

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Competitive eating is a “sport” typically dominated by men, most notably Guinness Record-holder and Nathan’s Coney Island hot dog eating contest-dominating Takeru Kobayashi.

So let’s hear it for a mother of four who’s taking a big bite out of this niche world of rapid ingestion!  Molly Schuyler of Omaha, Nebraska, a diminutive 125-pound, 5’7” gal, recently reached legendary status by breaking the record at Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, downing two 72-oz steaks in 15 minutes.  She not only broke the record fellow competitive eater (and reigning Nathan’s champ) Joey Chestnut held since 2008 – she pulverized it!  Molly’s recorded time for her first steak was half that of Chestnut’s record.  She then ate another 72-ouncer for good measure.  It’s not her first accolade either – back in January, she laid waste to 363 wings in 30 minutes to win Wing Bowl 22 in Philadelphia.

Freak of nature or consumption queen?  You be the judge! Some of us are just glad to see a woman dominating a coed sport, no matter how bizarre.  Which is why she’s received loads of national press for her latest achievement. Follow her on Twitter @MollySchuyler to see more of her culinary triumphs. And tune in to the July 4th Nathan’s Coney Island hot dog contest to see if she makes a play for the crown.

Posted by Michelle 

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