Potty For Rent

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We’ve all experienced it: attending a large, outdoor event, gulping down cold ‘Gansetts, and all of a sudden, the urge to pee comes on. It’s time to break the seal. Unfortunately, your only option is to stand in line for a half hour, only to hold your breath for 30 seconds in a 2×2’ box of disgust called the porto-potty. The other, of course, is to risk arrest by popping a squat in the nearest alleyway with your friends creating a human shield.

Well, some Mardi-Gras-going geniuses have unleashed a website to solve public urination problems for the rest of your days. Named after the similar (but not at all related) AirBnB, AirPnP brings toilet accessibility to all by allowing people to “rent out their bathrooms” to local event-goers who need some quick relief. A map allows you to find the nearest toilet lenders in your area and pay anywhere from one to twenty bucks to sit on their porcelain throne.

The web-based app started in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, where 40 locations were entered, and is now making its way across the globe. As of April 17, the app has 439 registered bathrooms. Unfortunately, the only one in the Boston area so far is “a modest, relatively clean toilet” that “rarely clogs.” Hey, looks pretty good to me.

If anything, just go check out the awesome pee puns on the site – like the co-founder and “PEO” calling himself an “entrepeeneur” and the phrase “Urine good hands.”

So, instead of getting PISSED OFF next time you have to pee in public, just consult AirPnP. Do you think this app needs a good PEE-R agency? (God, I love pee puns.)

Posted by Erin D. 

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