Whenever I get the urge to go for a run I make a point to sit down and wait  until the feeling passes. Competitive team sports? Count me in. Barre? Bring it on! Yoga, yes please. But when it comes to running I generally won’t put a spring in my step unless something is chasing me (or there’s a designer sample sale within a 4 mile radius). But after seeing the Instagram series from @kellykkroberts taken during the NYC Half-Marathon, I’m beginning to change my tune. To stay motivated during the grueling 13.1 miles Kelly took it upon herself to (somewhat sketchily) capture the most handsome hotties of the big apple’s half. What really makes me love this marathon maven are the hysterical and unapologetic  titles of her aptly named “creep-shot selfies” such as “Mile 12 eye candy”, “Oh yeah walker” and my personal fave, “Dat headband.” Thank you Karen, for showing the world new ways to make the best of an exhausting situation. I salute you and your fabulous taste in marathon men!


Images source Instagram

Posted by Jenna

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