Winter Sucks; Snowflakes Are Amazing

Winter in New England can kind of suck. You expect it to look like this:

Image source

But, at least this year, it’s been more like this:

Image source

It’s hard to see the beauty in that. We want just enough winter to appreciate the summer. We want that feeling of being toasty inside while it blizzards outside. We want to walk outside on a nippy night while a slight dusting of snow falls. What we don’t want is the reality of it: winter is not a winter wonderland; it’s Christmas and New Years and then months of suck.

Well, next time you’re feeling all miserable from the cold, check out the beauty of winter closely from afar with these amazing pictures of individual snowflakes (THEY REALLY ARE ALL UNIQUE!!!) and it doesn’t seem so bad:

Image source Flickr

Image source Flickr

jImage source Flickr

Image source Flickr

Also, what they hell? How did this happen?

Image source Flickr

Posted by Ben

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