Indiana…Like if Applebee’s Were a State


In my nearly 28 years of life, I’ve lived in (in order): Long Island, Connecticut, Manhattan and Boston (not counting the college years outside of Philly). When I think about it, all those places can have a pretty rough reputation – there’s definitely a distinct stereotype that matches each location: Long Island (big hair + bad accent), Connecticut (the embarrassing “gold coast” label), Manhattan (not enough Starbucks to please the hungover 20-something on the way to work in Midtown), and Boston (I think you already know…).

I’m the first to defend each location and I loved living in all of them. But when I saw this site from SomeEcards that shared “delightfully insulting” postcards from every U.S. state, I have to admit, some were pretty spot on. Think they’re accurate with your home state? Check them out for yourself – here are a few of my favorites:











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Posted by Amanda

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