Sorry Because of Nothing

Ever just want to be brutally honest when it’s not appropriate? If the answer is no, I don’t believe you. As you grow up, you learn to pick and choose your battles, and often times the better option is biting your tongue instead of saying what you really feel.

A post by the website Distractify has me jealous of the blunt honesty of little kids. The site recently created a list of “30 Kids Who Wrote the Meanest Notes Ever,” and instead of feeling bad, the list had me cracking up and jealous that I cannot leave notes like this in my adulthood. Well, I guess I could, but then I would be fired, evicted, disowned by my mom and never allowed to be a Comcast user again.

Below are the best of these notes, and could prove to be inspiration if you’re ever feeling passive aggressive, or simply super aggressive for that matter. These kids were definitely not afraid to say how they really feel…

Sometimes, you’re just really not sorry for anything.1

And sometimes, you just do not want to talk about it. And that’s that. 2

This youngin’ really woke up on the wrong side of the bed…3

Me next time someone asks me to clean my apartment:4

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