Finding Wisdom in Unlikely Places

“Silence is sometimes the best answer”

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

“Input the value you want.”

One of these was the Dalai Lama, one was Saint Augustine and one was a calculator. It seems obvious that we idolize technology. Our church is the Apple store. Our Quran is Yahoo Answers. With all that in mind, is it surprising that you can find timeless wisdom in the instructions or commands of a technological object? The correct answer is, “No.”

A website, Twisted Sifter, compiled inspirational and thoughtful messages in technology and everyday household items. Below are some of my favorites.

When you feel like the world is moving too fast:


When you are wondering what it’s all about:


When it’s time for a change:


When you are facing a problem and just can’t think of a solution:


When it’s time to let go:


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