To Detox or Not to Detox?

aaImage source PureWow

Ah, vacation…the time when you can sit back and relax, finally crack open one of those books that have been collecting dust on your shelf since you “browsed” Barnes and Noble five years ago, and spend quality time with number one.

While some (me) find nestling up on the couch in a onesie drinking wine and playing Candy Crush for hours a pretty decent va-cay, others would rather part with the digital world during their cherished time off. Although digital addiction has been around for quite a while now (since before the invention of Candy Crush, if you can believe it!), digital detox vacations are starting to trend. People are now checking in their phones, iPads and other devices while checking into their hotel or resort.

Some of these detoxes are retreats for the seriously obsessed phone-checkers, and others are merely hotel packages which discourage the use of phones, laptops and the like (check out a few of those here).

While spending a week relaxing on a Canadian ranch becoming one with nature does intrigue me at times, I may be just a little attached to my precious new iPad to turn it into the reception desk. How about I promise to only check my phone a couple times a day (in case of emergencies, of course)?

And now for the thought you were all having: How are you supposed to make all of your friends back home jealous by Instagramming those beautiful Costa Rican sunsets with no phone?!

Posted by Erin D.

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