True Love for the Tatas

Have you heard the news about the newest chastity belt out there? Now, instead of the iron underwear complete with padlock and key, a Japanese company has created a bra to protect women from random guys by only unlocking for true love. Say what?!

11Image source

The True Love Tester bra is made by Ravijour and — like apparently everything else in this day and age –it holds true to the adage “there’s an app for that.”  The bra is complete with sensors that monitors the woman’s heart rate and pulse, which is then analyzed (thanks to the app) and determines whether the wearer is actually in fact, in love. If it is just lust, then you’re out of luck – this bad boy isn’t coming off. That said, once your heart rate finally speeds up enough and exceeds the love limit, you better hope you’re not out in public – cause that puppy will come flying off with a vengeance!

In case you’re confused – here is a video that further explains the details:

Only true love for the tatas. Looks like there may be a lot of disappointed dudes in Japan this Valentine’s Day.

Posted by Laura

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